Red Trait Ventures Corp., is led by Richard Hue, an experienced, passionate entrepreneur and self-professed, “startup junkie”. Richard’s 32+ years of working with companies in the service and technology sectors offers first time founders experience and contacts in numerous fields. Richard was previously lead investment manager for Harbour Capital Management Group, where he oversaw a privately managed family fund that has been involved in many investments over the past 20+ years, from Real Estate to Technology. He began his career as an investment banker with one of Wall Street’s major investment banking institutions bringing many years of management and investment banking experience. As the former President of RT Equity Inc., a boutique merchant banking firm that was eventually acquired by a financial institution, Richard was responsible for overseeing the development of startups, restructuring business operations and expansions of private and public companies, many in the technology & biotech sector. He continues to successfully apply his investment and management skills to small and mid-cap companies both in North America and internationally. Richard’s priorities begin with his family; when not with them or at the startup studio, you can find him around his other passion for fast exotic cars both on and off the track.






Aram is a 32+ year experienced professional who parlayed his Pharmacist Degree into an extremely successful career involving myriad business ventures in both the retail and wholesale pharmacy sector. Aram owned and operated more than a half dozen pharmacies which he later sold to one of Canada’s largest pharmacy retailers. As one of the very first entrepreneurs to enter the online pharmacy space in 2000, Aram quickly became a leader, building a multi-million dollar online enterprise that he sold in 2008. He brings valuable expertise in building businesses from the ground up and an uncanny sense for timing exits. Aram’s expertise is not limited to the pharmaceutical and biotech space; his diverse investments and business experience as shareholder in an investment brokerage firm and other tech ventures, offers founders great insight and broad perspective. He really understands the start-up journey. When Aram isn’t mentoring one of our fellow team members, he’s on a race track somewhere in North America pursuing his other passion, as principal of his own Grand AM / IMSA Racing Team. If you see him on the track, be sure to introduce yourself and see if you can spot our “Red Trait Ventures” logo on one of the race cars.






Harpreet is a seasoned technologist with over 25 years of experience in architecting, designing, and implementing complex real time and scalable solutions globally. In addition to advising multiple startups, he is currently also an advisor to the Government of Canada on how to leverage disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings for the national security and citizen services sector. He is a recognized expert in Blockchain, Prediction and Big/Small Data. Along with advising key government agencies, Harpreet is passionate about leveraging the right technologies for creating a regulatory, social and economic transparency in all activities globally. He is author of multiple patent applications, to leverage blockchain, prediction and data enhancement to enable irrefutable, transparent, secure and trustworthy offerings in all Citizen and “Common Person” problems.

Harpreet was CTO for Juniper’s Financial Services Vertical, responsible for representing Juniper’s technical prowess to customer and ensuring that customers current and future business needs are addressed by the Juniper’s portfolio. He was responsible for helping clients in Financial Services Industry with strategy, solutions to achieve Digital Transformation. As CTO for Cisco Canada Solutions, he worked with clients in Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare to develop and deliver solutions. He has also completed 5 years of International Assignment in Cisco where he led Digital Transformation engagements with clients in Asia Pacific and Japan region. Both in Juniper and Cisco Harpreet has proven record as a leader of transformational and digitization strategies. He has been involved with enabling technologies like Blockchain with large capabilities, including building side chain architectures, complex custom consensus, primarily to enable disparate permissioned, public or hybrid blockchain offerings.

Over his career, Harpreet has influenced a multitude of technologies. As an initial member of the Java Executive Committee Harpreet was responsible for defining the language Java. Harpreet has been actively involved in influencing and disruptive technologies like Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, 3GPP’s IMS and LTE architectures, IEEE’s MPLS, IETF’s SNMP v3, Netconf and SIP adoption in wireless etc. He is an active contributor and supporter of Opensource forums.

Harpreet's passion is to inspire and champion inclusive behavior that genuinely invites people to do their best and harness the power of technical innovation to meet the business excellence and exceed the market expectations. He possesses natural leadership ability to influence, motivate and inspire people to succeed. Harpreet is recognized for his software architectural prowess and reconciling complex technologies to address business in simplified terms.

Harpreet holds a degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster University, Canada & currently lives in Toronto with his wife, son and twin daughters. When Harpreet’s not mentoring or advising our family of startups you can find him exploring the hidden trails along Canada’s country-side exploring nature with his family.